Valentine’s Day Photo Contest and Giveaway!

So Valentine’s Day is closer than some of you may think. I mean it’s still far away, but still kind of close, right? And with the New Year rolling in, we wanted to do something fun. So behold, our first ever contest! Do you have someone in your life that you completely and utterly love and adore? Could this person possibly be your significant other, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, child, pet or dare I say, even yourself?! Would you be interested in getting some great quality -possibly free- photos of this loved one? Do you like winning things? If yes to the questions above, then this contest is for you!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are hosting a “Share The Love” photo contest for the one you love with the chance to win a completely free photoshoot and prints! Did I mention that’s not all? We are also giving away other prizes in the “Share the Love, Spread the Word” portion of this contest such as

  •  50% off coupon for any regular photo session.
  •  $75 discount for any regular photo session,
  •  $50 discount for any regular photo session,
  • A free printing package,
  • A free small photobook,
  • A pack of photo frames!

That’s a total of 7 prizes that we will be giving away in this entire contest! Here’s the skinny on both Contests:

Share The Love Photo Contest!

“Share The Love” Photo Contest

-Submit a photo of you and your loved one.
-With photo, submit a small paragraph (3-5 sentences) of why you love this person (or pet) so much. Include the name of your loved one in the paragraph.
-Paragraphs submitted will be published as the caption for photo
-The contestant must be in the photo submitted.
-Contestants who submit themselves as a loved one have the opportunity of winning a stylized Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot OR a boudoir session for the one you love.
-The winner of this contest will be determined by how many votes they can achieve.

Share The Love, Spread The Word Giveaway

“Share the Love, Spread the Word” Giveaway

-Click the photo above to enter .
– Contestants can enter a number of 7 times by

  • Liking us on Facebook,
  • Sharing our contest Photos on Facebook,
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Tweeting about the contest
  • subscribing to our blog via email,
  • Leaving a comment on this post
  • Signing up for our mailing list

-Each action grants you an entry into the contest
-Winners will be selected at random for different prizes.


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